Our Process

Our Services

Medicaid Eligibility Verification

We meet with patients to determine their Medicaid eligibility using our knowledge of state laws and regulations.

Financial Document Collection

We use our proprietary Financial Institution Automation (FIA) technology to help patients obtain financial documents they are unable to collect themselves.

Medicaid Application Assistance and Submission

We assist patients with completing and submitting all required Medicaid application forms and documentation.

Streamlined Administrative Processes

We use our innovative HALO software to reduce administrative barriers, track pending applications, and follow-up with the State as needed.

Partner Advantages

Improved Cash Flow

We work expeditiously to complete the Medicaid application process to ensure timely payments to partner facilities.

Capturing More Medicaid Months

Our process captures all possible reimbursable Medicaid months that could reduce partner debt and financial write-offs.

Improve Administrative and Staff Efficiencies

We will reduce administrative hurdles and burden to allow partners to allocate staffing resources to other areas, including collecting commercial payments.

Increased Facility Census

We provide our partners with a reliable program that can encourage providers, patients and their families to choose their facilities.

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