Our Process

Our Process

Step 1 Appointment Scheduled

Your facility arranges an appointment on a designated day with us.

Step 2 Pre-Call

We will connect with you and your family prior to the appointment and outline the application process and the information needed.

Step 3 The Consultation

We will meet with you and your family to walk you through the entire process and verify your eligibility for Medicaid.

Step 4 Collecting your Documents

We will work with you and your family to collect important documents needed to file your Medicaid application.

Step 5 Filing your Application

We will file your application and all supporting documentation to the appropriate State Medicaid Office for processing.

Step 6 Managing your Application

We will track your application and if needed, collect any additional documentation or information requested by the State Medicaid Office to process your application.

Step 7 Application Decision

The State Medicaid Office will make its final decision on your Medicaid application.

Step 8 Renewing your Benefits

If approved, we will work with you to recertify your Medicaid eligibility in a year’s time.

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